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With the rise of AI-generated content, human expertise has never been more critical for content marketing. Improve your content by leveraging verified experts to validate your content.

A powerful signal of trust

Discover, hire, and work directly with vetted industry experts to review your content before it is published online. Leverage the Valimates verified content widget to signal trust to both readers and search engines.
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Dr. Kenneth C. Chen
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How it works for Experts


Create your profile: share your educational and professional background, how much you charge for a review and how long it will take you.


Get notified: when a company hires you to review their content.


Complete: the work and get paid for your expertise.
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Benefits for Experts

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Benefits that go beyond earnings

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Monetize your expertise while making content more safe and reliable.
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Gain more exposure as a professional by being featured as an expert in relevant industry publications.
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Secure more attribution and increase the chances of establishing an entity in the Google Knowledge Graph.
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Grow as a professional in your industry with an increasing pool of brands ready for networking and partnership.

Connect with great brands

Whether you need a Google Knowledge Profile, want to grow your EEAT, or improve your brand and authority, your activity on Valimates will be a vital resource.
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