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Ashoka Asundi
Ashoka Asundi Attending Physician at Weatherby Healthcare

Ashoka Asundi is an attending physician with over 10 years of clinical experience in emergency medicine. Asundi, currently based in Austin, Texas, has served in this capacity at multiple well-known healthcare organizations such as Weatherby Healthcare, Teladoc Health and EmCare. With a passion for health optimization and experience in multiple facets of patient care, Asundi aims to alleviate the strain of chronic diseases through preventative methods and a holistic approach. This approach emphasizes the importance of sleep, diet, exercise, meditation, social networks, purpose, and intention as means of maintaining health and wellness and therefore keeping people out of the Emergency Department.

Asundi obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, before specializing in an Emergency Medicine Residency Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Asundi not only applies this wealth of experience in the field of emergency medicine, but has also developed an interest in functional and telemedicine, thus demonstrating an understanding for the future of healthcare. The plan to continue working on the front lines of healthcare while focusing on holistic and functional medicine underscores a deep commitment to patient well-being and medical excellence. This professional has also made notable contributions to the staffing and recruiting industry.

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Full name
Ashoka Asundi
Austin, Texas, United States
Attending Physician
Weatherby Healthcare (since 2019)
Staffing and Recruiting
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Emergency Medicine physician with over 10 years of clinical experience. I have widened my practice and interests to include Telemedicine and Functional Medicine. Being front and center to the nations chronic health crisis, I see how important health and wellness is to happiness. Emergency healthcare will always be necessary but much of the burden from chronic diseases could be ameliorated through preventative practices and the knowledge that food is medicine. I see my future role continuing to work on the front lines of healthcare in the Emergency Department but also focusing on keeping people out of the Emergency department through a holistic approach using Functional Medicine. My current passion is how to optimize health starting at any age through improving; Sleep, Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Social Networks, Purpose, and Intention.
Medicine Patient Care


UT Southwestern Medical Center
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Attended in 2006 - 2009
Field of study: Emergency Medicine Residency Program
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Attended in 2002 - 2006
Field of study: Medicine


Weatherby Healthcare
Attending Physician
Dec 2019 - Present
Teladoc Health
Attending Physician
Sep 2019 - Present
Attending Physician
Oct 2013 - Present
Emergency Service Partners, L.P.
Attending Physician
Aug 2009 - Dec 2019
Attending Physician
Jul 2011 - Oct 2012