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Benyamin Eshraghifar
Benyamin Eshraghifar Medical Doctor at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Benyamin Eshraghifar is a seasoned medical professional proficient in various aspects of patient care and medical sciences. Graduating as a Medical Scientist from the IRAN University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) in 2017, Ben brings along a unique blend of medical knowledge and proven patient interaction skills. He began his career at Erfan Niayesh Hospital, one of Iran's elite private hospitals, serving as a Medical Doctor. With this experience spanning from March 2015 to August 2019, he gained exposure to a wide range of medical services and enhanced his quality patient care abilities.

In 2020, Ben transitioned to the United States, joining the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida as a Medical Doctor. Here, he contributes to the hospital's culture of innovation, exceptional care, mutual respect, and teamwork. Besides his role at Jackson, in May 2021, he augmented his expertise by working as a Data Research Analyst at Miami Valley Hospital, furthering his understanding of the healthcare field. Despite leaving the position in November 2021, he continues to serve at Jackson Memorial, dedicated to making a difference in patients' lives through informed and compassionate care.

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Full name
Benyamin Eshraghifar
Miami, Florida, United States
Medical Doctor
Jackson Memorial Hospital (since 2020)
Hospitals and Health Care
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I'm Ben Eshraghifar and graduated in medicine from IUMS. Enthusiastic and disciplined individual, friendly and outgoing, works well under pressure, who is eager to begin serving patients in the community, seeking to transition into the Medical Field where I can use my medical knowledge and patients interactions skills.
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IRAN University of Medical Sciences (IUMS)
Doctor's Degree
Attended in Mar 2011 - Sep 2017
Field of study: Medical Scientist


Jackson Memorial Hospital
Miami, Florida, United States
Medical Doctor
Sep 2020 - Present

Jackson Health System does more than make a difference in the lives of our patients- we offer a culture of innovation, exceptional care, mutual respect and teamwork for our employees. With more than 9,000 professionals, we offer opportunities for those seeking an exciting, challenging and life-changing career. At Jackson, we are committed to our employees, just as they're committed to our patients and families.
Miami Valley Hospital
Miami, Florida, United States
Data Research Analyst
May 2021 - Nov 2021

Miami Valley Hospital operates as a healthcare facility. It offers maternity, emergency, and air ambulance services, as well as a school of nursing, adult burn unit, kidney transplant, and bone marrow transplant unit. The company also offers cancer, cardiology, careflight, chemical dependency, dialysis, mammography, fertility, occupational health, rehabilitation, sports medicine, stroke program, weight loss surgery, and surgical services.
Erfan Niayesh Hospital بیمارستان عرفان نیایش
Tehran, Iran
Medical Doctor
Mar 2015 - Aug 2019

Erfan Niayesh Hospital is one of the best private hospitals in Iran to provide a wide range of medical services with the highest quality. We are committed to delivering quality medical services in accordance with international standards and have brought together the best surgical teams, specialists and experienced physicians in this regard. This center offers a variety of specialty services for all types of patients, including outpatients, inpatients and emergency patients.
We believe that patient satisfaction and comfort have a major impact on the recovery process and this is our top priority.