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Charles Vitelli
Charles Vitelli Physician at Medical Consultant for advance cancer patients James Cancer Ohio State University Second Opinions

Charles Vitelli is a dedicated physician with over five years of experience in providing second opinions for advanced cancer patients at James Cancer Ohio State University Second Opinions. He is licensed to practice in four states and has exceptional experience in reviewing and educating physicians on procedures relating to the destruction of brain-linked aneurysms. He retired from medicine in 1986 but returned nearly 30 years later due to his commitment to helping patients. Vitelli is also a regional manager at Options Utility Consulting, where he has been helping residential and commercial customers save on their utility bills since 2012.

Before returning to medicine, Vitelli served as the CEO of Vitelli Financial Services, a firm focused on helping people with retirement plans, long-term care, life insurance, and investments. He founded this enterprise in 2004 after leaving his position as a sales rep at MetLife due to health issues. As a sales rep, he specialized in life and long-term insurance, planning for retirement, and investments, leading his office with an impressive record of 82% monthly referrals. Prior to MetLife, Charles was owner of Vitelli's Cellular where he set a sales record for cellular phones.

Vitelli’s academic background includes a graduate degree in Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University and a medical degree from The Johns Hopkins University where he specialized as a surgical oncologist. Throughout his career, he has exhibited resilience and notable skills in strategic planning and investments. Charles is a man of honor, loyalty, and commitment, evidenced by his dedication to his profession, his wife, and his faith. He embodies the "once a Marine, always a Marine" adage, carrying the values of Semper Fi into all aspects of his life.

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Full name
Charles Vitelli
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Medical Consultant for advance cancer patients James Cancer Ohio State University Second Opinions (since 2016)
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To try and live my life with honor, loyalty and commitment. I am dedicated to my wife, my faith, and my friends. Also, I will always be a Marine - as the saying goes "once a Marine, always a Marine" Semper Fi
Investments Strategic Planning


The Ohio State University
Attended in 1964 - 1966
Field of study: Organic Chemistry
The Johns Hopkins University
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Attended in 1973 - 1978
Field of study: surgical oncologist


Medical Consultant for advance cancer patients James Cancer Ohio State University Second Opinions
Hospitals in Ohio- New York - Maryland -Boston Mass.
Jan 2016 - Present

To review and educate physician's on procedure through the steps of destroying aneurysm's connected to the brain. Left medicine in 1986 came back out of retirement 2015 to help in providing second opinions. Licensed in four states
Options Utility Consulting
Columbus, Ohio Area
Regional Manager
Aug 2012 - Present

This position enables me to help persons save money on their electric & gas since the government deregulated utilities. I have found that people switching their supplier for electric/gas allows them to save up to 20% per year. I can help residential and commercial customers. Priscilla and I were the first agents to bring in 100 residential customers plus. 86 Commercial accounts
Vitelli Financial Services
1150 Gabrielle Elaine Dr Apt 109
Jul 2004 - Present

Work with helping people with their retirement,long care,life insurance,investments. Became terminally ill and all business transferred in 2008 to Priscilla Vitelli ( President ). Now advisor to help her regarding the business. Member of Million Dollar Club from 2005-present We have no employees
Dublin Ohio
Sales Rep
Feb 1998 - Jul 2004

WORKED WITH CLIENTS WHO WANTED TO PURCHASE LIFE INS., LONG TERM , AND INVESTMENTS AND PLAN FOR RETIREMENT. Lead the office in life and long term care with 82% referrals per month. Medical issues caused leaving
Vitelli's Cellular
Feb 1984 - Jul 1998