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Charlotte Kushner
Charlotte Kushner International Board Member at Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

Charlotte Kushner is a highly accomplished individual with an impressive background in unique interdisciplinary fields, Psychiatry, Neurology, and Nonverbal Communication. With vast educational and professional experiences earned in the United States and abroad, she currently holds multiple senior roles with various reputable organizations in different sectors.

After earning her Doctor of Medicine specializing in Psychiatry and Neurology from The Johns Hopkins University in 2020, Kushner immediately put her skills to use at the Mount Sinai Health System in Miami, Florida. She started as a Psychiatrist in May 2020, but transitioned into a dual role as both Psychiatrist and Neurologist, showcasing her depth across two fields. Concurrent with her role at Mount Sinai, Kushner expanded her expertise overseas at Wuhan University of Science and Technology in China, where she serves as a Doctor of Philosophy.

Beyond her work in medicine and academia, Kushner also assumes significant responsibility in other sectors. In the non-profit industry, she has been serving as an International Board Member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority since 2007, marking over a decade of dedicated service. In addition, Kushner holds the esteemed position of Dean at Harvard University and acts as the General Counsel at Apple, indicating a wide scope of influence and knowledge. Charotte is not only a highly skilled medical professional but also a revered figure in academia, non-profit organizations, and the corporate world.

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Full name
Charlotte Kushner
Miami, Florida, United States
International Board Member
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority (since 2007)
Non-profit Organizations
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Psychiatry and neurology are my passion, and so is my research on the development and implementation of human instincts. I love the study of communication because its level of health makes or breaks an organization or an individuals quality of relationships.
Medicine English


Harvard University
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD
Attended in Jan 2011 - Oct 2020
Field of study: Nonverbal Communication
The Johns Hopkins University
Doctor of Medicine - MD
Attended in Jan 2019 - May 2020
Field of study: Psychiatry and Neurology


Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
International Board Member
Nov 2007 - Present
Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Doctor of Philosophy
Oct 2021 - Present
Mount Sinai Health System
Miami, Florida, United States
Psychiatrist and Neurologist
May 2020 - Present
Mount Sinai Health System
Miami, Florida, United States
May 2020 - Oct 2021
Harvard University
Oct 2021 - Present
General Counsel
Jul 2021 - Present