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Diego Fallon
Diego Fallon MD at SELF

Diego Fallon is a highly skilled and experienced healthcare professional based in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. Fallon is a physician with a specialization in Internal Medicine and Geriatric medicine who has practiced in varying sectors of the healthcare industry. Since 2016, Dr. Fallon has independently practiced medicine, providing extensive medical care from his expertise in Geriatrics to Neuro rehabilitation. He is also currently associated with NeuroRestorative in Florida further extending his broad services to a wider range of patients.

The foundations of Dr. Fallon's distinguished medical career can be traced back to his academic journey at the National University of Colombia, where he earned his degree as a Physician and Surgeon in the 1970s. Throughout his career, he has cultivated and utilized his unique skills to adapt to various healthcare settings, be it governmental organizations like the Veteran Health Administration or non-governmental sectors. In addition to his impressive track record, Dr. Fallon's professional network extends to 29 connections on LinkedIn.

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Full name
Diego Fallon
Sarasota, Florida, United States
SELF (since 2016)
LinkedIn Connections
American Board of Internal Medicine Geriatric medicine


National University of Colombia
Physician and Surgeon
Attended in 1973 - 1980
Field of study: /MD


Veteran Health Administration
May 2016 - Present

Same but non Governmental
Florida, United States
Medical Doctor
Feb 2021 - Present

Provide full medical care in IM/Geriatrics and Neuro rehabilitation.Sarasota /Bradenton in Florida ,USA