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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike Standup Comedian

Dr. Mike, a Pennsylvania native, served in the United States Marine Corps before transitioning into the field of medicine. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Vertebrate Physiology at Penn State University and continued his education at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where he earned his Doctor of Osteopathy degree. His career as a physician began at Pennsylvania Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, serving from 2003 to 2007. This was followed by a year-long tenure at Fox Chase Cancer Center from 2007 to 2008.

Throughout his career in medicine, Dr. Mike discovered the profound impact of humor on patients' well-being. This revelation led him to a second career as a stand-up comedian, offering amusement and laughter as a form of healing. His performances, not only display his impressive communication skills but also reveal his versatility, with fluency in Spanish and Norwegian. Dr. Mike proves that he is more than just a medical doctor – he's someone who employs social listening to understand the needs of his audience and uses the power of humor to promote healing and wellness. Today, Dr. Mike continues his work as a freelance stand-up comedian, leveraging his reach of 163 LinkedIn connections to spread laughter and positivity.

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Doctor Mike
United States
Standup Comedian
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Born and raised in the coal regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania, after high school, Mike pursued a lifelong passion for short haircuts, harsh discipline, and free travel to exotic lands by joining the United States Marine Corps. During the war to end all wars, the first Persian Gulf War, Mike discovered that people who gave shots had more fun than people who got shot and Mike put himself through four years of college, four years of medical school, four years of residency and twelve long years of cafeteria food to become Dr. Mike, medical doctor. One day, while healing the sick, curing the long suffering and chronically complaining, and having to tell the moderately injured to fill out the proper forms and wait their turn, Dr. Mike realized that patients strapped to gurneys make the best captive audiences and that the only true way to heal someone is to make them laugh. Really laugh. For laughter that comes from the heart and not dispensed by a nitrous oxide mask, heals the soul, if not the internal bleeding.
Social Listening Communication


Penn State University
Bachelor of Science - BS
Attended in Aug 1992 - May 1998
Field of study: Vertebrate Physiology
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Field of study: Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy


Standup Comedian

Skills: Social Listening · Communication · Spanish · Norwegian
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Medical Doctor
Jul 2007 - Jul 2008
Jul 2003 - Jun 2007