Donna Woods
Donna Woods Attending Physician at Transcarent

Donna Woods is a dedicated medical professional who concurrently serves as an Attending Physician at Transcarent and a Medical Doctor at 98point6 Inc., both medical institutions based in Arizona. With over 20 years of accumulated experience in the healthcare industry, Woods has proven her expertise in the fields of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Telemedicine. Her notable career track record includes her Medical Director experience, medical software development, and functioning as a Telemedicine Consultant.

In addition to her prominent practical roles, Woods has contributed significantly to the academic aspect of the field as a faculty member passionate about teaching. As an author, she integrates her rich experiences and shares them through her poetry and prose that portray patient stories and the physician experience. Apart from her clinical and academic pursuits, she is an advocate for healthcare access, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), public health, and is a firm believer in science guiding policies. Outside of her profession, she enjoys nature, hiking, cooking, and music – playing the piano and guitar.

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Full name
Donna Woods
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Attending Physician
Transcarent (since 2023)
Hospitals and Health Care
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-20 years of experience in clinical practice in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Telemedicine. -Prior Medical Director experience -Experience in Product Medicine/medical software development. -Telemedicine Consultant -Experience as a faculty member with enthusiasm for teaching. -Author poetry and prose about the patient stories and the physician experience -Advocate for healthcare access, DEI, public health, science guiding policy. -Love nature, hiking, cooking, piano, guitar, and dogs!
Emergency Medicine Internal Medicine


Attending Physician
Apr 2023 - Present
98point6 Inc.
Tucson, Arizona, United States · Hybrid
Medical Doctor
Apr 2020 - Present

Telemedicine, Internal medicine, Emergency Medicine, participation in software development. Also working per diem EM jobs.
98point6 Inc.
Apr 2020 - Present · 3 yrs 7 mos
Emergency Physician
Apr 2020 - Apr 2023