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Elizabeth Walters
Elizabeth Walters

Elizabeth Walters is a multi-talented professional who has combined her diverse skills in healthcare and communication fields to accomplish two distinct careers simultaneously. Predominantly, her professional journey is in medical practice, with a recent qualification as an International Medical Doctor from Trinity School of Medicine in 2020. Through owning and running her Kinesiology practice in South Africa, she specialized in Neural Training and Neurological Organisation Technique (NOT), helping patients to find better neurological options for deep-seated defense systems. Importantly, her healthcare practice functioned collaboratively with neurologists, psychiatrists, and schools to help her patients overcome various obstacles.

In addition to her healthcare career, Elizabeth is also a Creative Director, having run The Chilli Factor since 1996. In this capacity, she worked on various projects in the communication field, spanning behavioral change management to brand development. She recently collaborated with Dominika Marcisz to form meekalili.me, a platform used to explore personal creative projects. Based in Moultrie, Georgia, United States, Elizabeth positively credits her professional achievements to the harmony of her different passions of health and creativity and expresses immense gratitude for her experiences.

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Elizabeth Walters
Moultrie, Georgia, United States
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I am fortunate to have been granted two very separate careers. Most recently, I graduated as an International Medical Doctor at the end of March 2020, just as the world was going into lockdown, through Trinity School of Medicine. I am now looking at completing my internship/residency. The path leading to the degree has been a natural progression. I ran my own busy Kinesiology practice in South Africa specialising in Neural Training and Neurological Organisation Technique (NOT). There I assisted individuals in finding better neurological options for deep seated defense systems. I worked with neurologists, psychiatrists and schools in finding ways to help my patients overcome various obstacles. Alongside my Kinesiology, I am also a Creative Director. I ran The Chilli Factor since 1996, where I collaboratively worked on various projects in the communication field, from behavioural change management through to brand development. More recently, Dominika Marcisz and I formed meekalili.me to explore more personal creative projects. I am most fortunate to have been able to experience two very different passions and I wake up every day thinking how grateful I am in every possible way.
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Trinity School of Medicine
Medical Doctor
Attended in 2016 - 2020
Field of study: Medical Doctor
Attended in 1999 - 2009