Emily Jones
Emily Jones Contributor at Callaix

Emily Jones is a distinguished professional with extensive experience in the healthcare field. She has achieved success across a variety of positions characterized by medical and editorial participation, leading to her current role as Contributor at Callaix, a highly reputed company in the book and periodical publishing industry based in Austin, Texas. Since she started this role in November 2018, she has been instrumental in inspiring, leading, and educating people in Texas.

Prior to her role at Callaix, Emily was the Executive Director at CVAX where she supervised and oversaw the production of a healthcare publication produced by teens. This served two purposes - it created awareness about health and medical issues within the community, and offered young individuals practice writing about technical/medical topics. Emily's skills and hands-on experience in the medical sector are noteworthy, stemming from a long stint as a Medical Doctor in a private practice, and her tenure as a Medical Editor at Statin Answers in Austin, Texas. As a graduate from Meharry Medical College with a degree in Medicine and skills such as healthcare and medicine, Emily has a solid foundation that has contributed significantly to her commendable career exploitations.

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Full name
Emily Jones
Austin, Texas, United States
Callaix (since 2018)
Book and Periodical Publishing
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Healthcare Medicine


Meharry Medical College
Field of study: medicine


Houston, Texas, United States
Nov 2018 - Present
Executive Director
Sep 2008 - Present

Supervise and oversee production of health care publication produced by teens. This effort serves two purposes: (1) It creates awareness about health and medical issues in the community and (2) It gives the kids practice producing quality writing on technical/medical topics.
Statin Answers
Austin, Texas Area
Medical Editor
Mar 2015 - Jul 2018
Private Practice
Medical Doctor
May 1975 - Oct 2008

Care of patients. General practice/internal medicine.