Fara Ranjbaran
Fara Ranjbaran Physician at WellMed Medical Management

Fara Ranjbaran is a reputable physician affiliated with WellMed Medical Management in Austin, Texas. They have a vast and diverse network at their disposal with over 1501 connections on LinkedIn. As part of a growing career in the hospitals and healthcare industry, Fara's professional expertise and experience contribute significantly to their current position.

In their role at WellMed Medical Management, Fara occupies the critical mission of providing quality care and services to patients. Although the dates and specific details regarding their position within the company aren’t specified, it's clear through Fara's substantial connection base and prestigious title that their impact on the organization and the healthcare field is notable. Their contributions to the industry continue to enhance the landscape of healthcare in the Austin, Texas region.

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Fara Ranjbaran
Austin, Texas, United States
Hospitals and Health Care
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Medical Family Medicine


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