Henry Ruder
Henry Ruder Medical Doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Henry Ruder is a seasoned medical doctor with long-standing experience in the hospitals and healthcare industry. He has been based in Redwood City, California and has been providing medical services since 1972. Ruder had a lengthy tenure of 30 years as a Medical Doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, demonstrating both his commitment to the field and his immense expertise. His skills include accounting and common sense, a combination that extends his ability beyond medicine to include a well-appreciated understanding of finance and decision-making.

Educationally, he proudly holds a Medical Doctor (MD) degree from the renowned Northwestern University - The Feinberg School of Medicine. He also earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Georgetown University, showing his consistent focus on biological sciences from undergraduate studies right up to medical school. His robust academic background, paired with his seasoned professional experience, makes Ruder a valuable asset in the healthcare industry. Despite having a modest 44 LinkedIn connections, his longstanding career and unique skillset undoubtedly qualify him as a highly experienced and multifaceted medical professional.

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Full name
Henry Ruder
Redwood City, California, United States
Medical Doctor
Northwestern Memorial Hospital (since 1972)
Hospitals and Health Care
LinkedIn Connections
Accounting Common Sense


Northwestern University - The Feinberg School of Medicine
Attended in 1963 - 1967
Field of study: Medicine
Georgetown University
Bachelor of Science
Attended in 1959 - 1963
Field of study: Biology


Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Medical Doctor
Jul 1972 - Nov 2002