Hieu Truong
Hieu Truong Medical Doctor at Kaiser Permanente

Hieu Truong is a dedicated and experienced Medical Doctor currently affiliated with Kaiser Permanente in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. Their career in the hospitals and health care industry commenced in 2007, with specialization in patient care and treatment. Since September 2007, they have been serving as a Medical Doctor with Kaiser Permanente, ensuring that their expertise benefits the establishment's standards and patients' health.

Over these years in the healthcare industry, Dr. Truong has developed a professional network, reflected in their 15 LinkedIn connections. Their ongoing tenure with one of the largest nonprofit health plans in the United States, Kaiser Permanente, underscores their commitment to the field of medicine and their dedication to providing quality healthcare services. Their wealth of experience and dedication to the field position them as an esteemed professional in the healthcare industry.

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Full name
Hieu Truong
Los Angeles Metropolitan Area
Medical Doctor
Kaiser Permanente (since 2007)
Hospitals and Health Care
LinkedIn Connections
Medical Family Medicine


Kaiser Permanente
Medical Doctor
Sep 2007 - Present