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John Abano
John Abano Medical Doctor at The Vasectomy Center

John Abano is a well-rounded and experienced medical doctor, currently working at The Vasectomy Center since April 2018. He is based in Seattle, Washington, with the Vasectomy Center located in Issaquah. He has practiced in four different countries, which has given him wide exposure to various aspects of medicine. These range from family practice to urgent care, from being a hospitalist to running the cardio stress lab at a hospital, and even assessing worker's compensation impairments. His comprehensive skillset also includes business acumen, as demonstrated by him running his own business, The Vasectomy Center.

A graduate of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, John's initial training was in the Family Medicine Residency Program, which he completed from 2009 to 2012. John's commitment to his patients is evident by his deep enjoyment in the practice of medicine, consistently striving to deliver the best possible healthcare in every patient interaction he has. Notably, he possesses unique training in Wilderness Medicine, which further attests to his commitment to healthcare deliverance without boundaries. John maintains a modest, yet global network, demonstrated by his 81 LinkedIn connections.

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Full name
John Abano
Seattle, Washington, United States
Medical Doctor
The Vasectomy Center (since 2018)
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Ive practiced medicine in 4 countries and have been exposed on different aspects of medicine. From family practice, Urgent Care, Hospitalist, Running the cardio stress lab at the hospital, Workers Comp Impairment ratings, to running my own business, The Vasectomy Center. Ive done some training in Wilderness Medicine. I enjoy the practice of medicine and always prefer to dive in and deliver the best healthcare possible to each and every patient encounter.
Family Medicine Medicine


Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso
Medical Doctor
Attended in 2009 - 2012
Field of study: Family Medicine Residency Program


The Vasectomy Center
Medical Doctor
Apr 2018 - Present