Julianna Doniere
Julianna Doniere Medical Doctor at Emergency Medicine Specialists, S.C.

Dr. Julianna Doniere is an esteemed medical professional based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is currently serving in the capacity of a Medical Doctor at Emergency Medicine Specialists, S.C., a position she assumed in July 1997. Over the years, she has successfully established a strong social-professional network with 73 connections on LinkedIn, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and fostering collaboration within the healthcare landscape.

Her educational credentials include a bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences from Xavier University, which laid out a solid foundation for her medical career. Following this accomplishment, she furthered her academic journey at the Medical College of Ohio. For more than two decades, Dr. Doniere has championed unmatched expertise in the medical practices sector, aiding numerous patients with her proficiency in emergency medicine.

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Full name
Julianna Doniere
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Medical Doctor
Medical Practices
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Medical Family Medicine


Medical College of Ohio
Xavier University
Bachelor's degree
Field of study: Natural Sciences


Emergency Medicine Specialists, S.C.
Medical Doctor
Jul 1997 - Present