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Kim Roy Medical Doctor at USA Medical

Kim Roy is a highly experienced medical professional, currently employed with USA Medical as a Medical Doctor since March 2001 and is based in Houston, Texas. With a strong background in radiography, Kim is proficient in conducting examinations of various body parts including the spine, head, chest, abdomen, extremities, and facial bones, among others. Kim also specializes in mammography, providing screening and diagnostic care for patients, as well as in using a variety of medical imaging equipment such as the GE Lunar Bone Densitometer and the EnCore software system.

In addition to a clinical role, Kim holds a previous position as a Project Finance Specialist at Khalid Albahkail Investment Associate (KAIA) from 1979 until March 2023. They are well-versed in delivering high service quality and have experience serving on a board of directors. Educated at the University of Oxford, Kim earned a PhD in Finance proclaiming a combined expertise in both the financial and medical sectors. Their objective is to pursue challenging employment within Medical Imaging as a staff Radiographer or Mammography Technologist. With over 700 connections on LinkedIn, Kim Roy is a well-connected professional in the field of wellness, fitness services and medical imaging.

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Kim Roy
United States
Medical Doctor
USA Medical (since 2001)
Wellness and Fitness Services
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Radiography: spine, head, chest, abdomen, extremities, facial bones, paranasal sinuses and bony thorax, UGI, small bowel series, barium enema, Arthrogram's, Hysterosalpingogram's, Myelogram's and lumbar puncture, ORIF extremities and pelvis, vascular exams, Permacath's, and med port insertion, nerve blocks, ERCPs Mammography: screening, diagnostic, 3/6 month f/u, breast localizations, bipsy specimen images, pre and post biopsy patient care & instruction Equipment: digital X-ray such as GE, Kodak, Fuji, Siemens, Phillips, Lorad, Bennett and OEC, as well as conventional ones. GE Lunar Bone Densitometer, and EnCore software system. Specialties: OBJECTIVE: Seeking challenging employment within Medical Imaging as a staff Radiographer or Mammography Technologist
Service Quality Board of Directors


University of Oxford
Doctor of Philosophy - PhD
Field of study: Finance


USA Medical
Houston, Texas, United States
Medical Doctor
Mar 2001 - Present
Khalid Albahkail Investment Associate(KAIA)
Project Finance Specialist
1979 - Mar 2023