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Kristina Cabañez
Kristina Cabaez Case Preparation Physician at AppriseMD

Kristina Cabañez is an experienced health-care professional based in Austin, Texas, who currently holds the title of Case Preparation Physician at AppriseMD, a role she has fulfilled since 2023. Prior to her current position, her extensive experience includes roles such as an Associate Researcher at Louisiana State University since 2021. In her capacity as a researcher, she partakes in generating scholarly articles, presentations, and journals related to topics in Psychiatry and social issues. Furthermore, she has delivered presentations on various pertinent topics, written papers, and reviewed and ranked manuscripts.

Cabañez has further demonstrated her strengths in the health-care field with a successful tenure as a Medical Scribe at Codex Group and a Virtual Medical Assistant at Dona Wellness Clinic, where she showcased her exceptional multi-tasking skills and provided patient-focused care respectively. Her initial experience includes a comprehensive Post Graduate Internship at Our Lady of Lourdes that provided her with broad exposure to a variety of departments. She possesses a distinct set of skills like Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Intercultural Relations, indicative of her well-rounded ability in the health-care sector. Given her extensive experience and built connections in the industry, Cabañez is a valuable resource in the field of health care and medicine.

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Full name
Kristina Cabaez
Austin, Texas, United States
Case Preparation Physician
AppriseMD (since 2023)
Hospitals and Health Care
LinkedIn Connections
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Intercultural Relations


Case Preparation Physician
Apr 2023 - Present
Louisiana State University
Associate Researcher
Jun 2021 - Present

• Practices a collaborative effort with Dr. Bailey and other externs to generate papers, presentations and journals related to various topics in Psychiatry, mental wellness, social issues
• Created a presentation on Intimate Partner Violence, which was presented at the Black Health Trust virtual event on 7/18/21 entitled "Intimate Partner Violence: An Evidence- Based Approach - Part 4"
• Created a presentation on "Black Men in White Coats' on 08/28/21
• Created a presentation on Ethnopsychopharmacology, covering its history, cultural considerations, new research considerations to be presented at an American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AAANP) event on 10/16/21
• Assisted in writing a paper on vaccine hesitancy in the U.S. vs. vaccine acceptance outside the U.S.
• Wrote a paper on training physicians to recognize and treat substance use disorders alongside Dr. Mark Townsend and Dr. Bodola for submission to the JNMA (under review)
• Wrote a paper on closing the gaps in cancer screening for submission to the JNMA (under review)
• Reviewed and ranked manuscripts
Codex Group
Medical Scribe
Oct 2021 - Apr 2023

• Utilizes multi-tasking skills and typing speed of 74wpm to document over 30 provider-patient encounters per shift in real-time including history of present illness, past medical/surgical/family and social histories, review of systems, physical exam, procedures, lab and imaging results, clinical course of the patient, diagnoses, disposition, and any other information pertinent to the encounter
• Assists the healthcare provider with workflow management and coordination of ancillary services
• Utilizes AllScripts Hosted Citrix Gateway to access patient records and files for documentation purposes during every shift.
Dona Wellness Clinic
Virtual Medical Assistant
Mar 2022 - Mar 2023

• Conducted intake screening for all patients with varying diagnoses such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, autism
• Worked in tandem with Dr. Dona in setting up appointments via call and text for both new and old patients using CharmHealth EHR.
Our Lady of Lourdes
Post Graduate Intern
2017 - 2018

• Completed and rotated in a total of 9 different departments including 8 weeks each of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine; 2 weeks each of Psychiatry, Radiology, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology