Larry Medcalf
Larry Medcalf Physician Liaison at BioTE Medical

Larry Medcalf is a Physician Liaison currently serving in BioTE Medical located in the Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area. He operates primarily within the Wellness and Fitness Services industry. Despite having a modest LinkedIn network of 82 professionals, Mr. Medcalf has leveraged this network effectively in his role advocating for patients and physicians in managed care settings.

Mr. Medcalf's skills lie predominantly within the spheres of managed care and nursing. This unique blend of skills allows him to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring effective communication and enhanced care delivery. His expertise in nursing supports his ability to understand and communicate the providers' perspectives and needs, while his knowledge of managed care enables him to understand and advocate for patients' needs within the broader healthcare systems. He brings this robust skill set to BioTE Medical, contributing significantly to the patient-centered care process.

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Larry Medcalf
Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area
Physician Liaison
BioTE Medical
Wellness and Fitness Services
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Managed Care Nursing


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