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Leonel Cordova
Leonel Cordova Medical Doctor, Urgent Care Medical Director and Attending Physician at Baptist Health South Florida

Dr. Leonel Cordova is a highly accomplished medical professional based in Miami, Florida, with a significant concentration in urgent care. He has been affiliated with Baptist Health South Florida since 2006, serving in the essential roles of a Medical Doctor, Urgent Care Medical Director, and Attending Physician. His expansive network, as evident by his 692 LinkedIn connections, and his noteworthy tenure of over a decade underscore his expansive influence and professional stability in the healthcare industry.

He completed his early education at Carlos J. Finlay from 1996 to 2000, following which he pursued further studies at the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, New York, from 2003 to 2006. Within his professional toolkit, Dr. Cordova boasts crucial skills in Healthcare and Healthcare Management, skills that align effectively with his accomplished career in the Hospitals and Health Care sector. His devotion to continuous learning enhances his professional credibility and contributes to his recognized competence in Florida's healthcare landscape.

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Full name
Leonel Cordova
Miami, Florida, United States
Medical Doctor, Urgent Care Medical Director and Attending Physician
Baptist Health South Florida (since 2006)
Hospitals and Health Care
LinkedIn Connections
Healthcare Healthcare Management


Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center . New York. NY
Attended in 2003 - 2006
Carlos J. Finlay
Attended in 1996 - 2000


Baptist Health South Florida
Miami, Florida
Medical Doctor, Urgent Care Medical Director and Attending Physician
Oct 2006 - Present