Lorrie Mcgill
Lorrie Mcgill Medical Doctor at MCGILL FAMILY PRACTICE

Lorrie McGill is a seasoned medical practitioner based in Papillion, Nebraska. Since 2004, McGill has been the Medical Doctor at McGill Family Practice, which further signifies her capabilities in handling and supporting medical cases within a professional setting. As a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit as well, she also holds the position of President in a self-employed business concurrently. McGill's skills as a medical director and successful business owner align seamlessly with her dual roles, equipping her to consistently deliver high-quality patient care and effectively manage her professional endeavors.

Educationally, McGill earned a Bachelor's degree in Biology/Biological Sciences from Creighton University between 1989 to 1991. Subsequently, she received her Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the prestigious University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1995, focusing her residency program on Family Medicine. McGill's educational experiences further underscore her profound understanding and expertise in the medical field. Also, her personal mantra underscores a philosophy of perseverance and faith, clearly demonstrated in her successful professional journey.

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Lorrie Mcgill
Papillion, Nebraska, United States
Medical Doctor
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My life and my approach to it can be summarized in one statement. "What you are is God's gift to you, but what you make of yourself is your gift to God!" The circumstances into which we are born do not define, dictate, or, determine the person we will become unless we let them. Rising above is a matter of understanding and believing the the greatest things in life come from doing what other people say we are not capable of doing! My potential, and the possibilities for success in my life are only limited by my faith, trust, and belief in myself and the One who made me.
Medical director Successful Business Owner


University of Nebraska Medical Center
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Attended in 1991 - 1995
Field of study: Family Medicine Residency Program
Creighton University
Bachelor's degree
Attended in 1989 - 1991
Field of study: Biology/Biological Sciences


Medical Doctor
Feb 2004 - Present
United States
Feb 2004 - Present