Lourdes Bosquez
Lourdes Bosquez Medical Director at Kindred Healthcare

Lourdes Bosquez is a practiced and discerning medical professional specializing in adult, adolescent, and child psychiatry and neuropsychiatry. Currently serving as the Medical Director at Kindred Healthcare, their comprehensive skill set spans a wide spectrum of mental and neurological disorders, such as drug addiction, sleep disorders, depression, bipolar and schizophrenic disorders, among others, while also providing crucial crisis intervention and emergency psychiatry services. Their goal in their role is to facilitate diagnosis education and train patients to manage brain disorders for healthier and stress-reduced lifestyle choices.

Lourdes brings with them significant professional experiences from their previous tenures. At the Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, they functioned as the Medical Director for Neuropsychiatry and Psychiatry, and previously as the Medical Doctor at TWHNPC, a private psychiatric clinic with a particular focus on forensic psychiatry, pain control, and metabolic problems associated with biological psychiatry. Moreover, to broaden their clinical knowledge, they have prioritized developing expertise in healthcare and clinical research. Lourdes has a solid educational foundation, having studied Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and neurology at The University of Texas Health Science Center following their initial medical training at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

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Lourdes Bosquez
Spring, Texas, United States
Medical Director
Kindred Healthcare (since 2014)
Hospitals and Health Care
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Adult , Adolescent and Child Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry . Drug addiction and Pain Management Delirium , Dementia , Memory , Sleep disorders , Depression , Bipolar disorders Schizophrenia , Autistic disorders in children , PDD , Trauma issues , Forensic Psychiatry , Psychoanalysis Adults and children , Neuroendocrinology and Psychopharmacology Adult and Children . Family and individual crisis intervention , Emergency psychiatry and Suicide . My goals and work is to Educate , Prevent and treat disorders of the Brain , most of the Health problems today are related with Stress in our Brain . I like to help with Diagnosis Education and training on the mind and Brain disorders so my patients can have a healthy Body as a whole , I recommend balancing the electricity in our Brain cells with natural substances , mental relaxation , , psychotherapy and psychopharmacology . More than anything prevention and early intervention , of Stress for a Healthy and Happy life .
Healthcare Clinical Research


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth Houston)
Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship
Attended in 1992 - 1997
Field of study: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and neurology
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Medical Doctor and Surgeon
Field of study: Medicine


Kindred Healthcare
North west
Medical Director
Nov 2014 - Present

Medical Director. Neuropsychiatry and ICU consultant,Delirium , Dementia , Psychosis. Encephalopathy .
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital
houston area, texas
Medical Director
Apr 2010 - Present

Medical Director for Neuropsychiatry.and Psychiatry , ICU medical consultant and Emergency Room .
9006 Forest Crossing suite c , The Woodlands Tx
Medical Doctor
Oct 2000 - Present

Private Clinic , Psychiatry , Neuropsychiatry , Biological Psychiatry with Metabolic problems ,Pain Control , Forensic Psychiatry, Adult and Pediatric Psychiatry and Psychodynamic therapy. Delirium , Dementia .