Mario Todorov
Mario Todorov Medical Doctor at Peninsula Radiological Associates

Mario Todorov is a seasoned Medical Doctor who has been working at Peninsula Radiological Associates since 2003. Based in Salisbury, Maryland, he has amassed significant experience and knowledge in the Medical Practices industry. Over the span of nearly two decades, his expertise has been utilized and honed at his long-time position at Peninsula Radiological Associates.

Aside from his medical practice, he has also built a respectable professional network with 90 connections on LinkedIn. This indicates his ability to engage professionally and maintain positive relationships within his field. His long-standing tenure at Peninsula Radiological Associates further proves his dedication, consistency, and skills in his medical practice. With his vast experience and profound understanding of his field, Mario continues to showcase his invaluable contributions in the realm of radiology.

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Full name
Mario Todorov
Salisbury, Maryland, United States
Medical Doctor
Peninsula Radiological Associates (since 2003)
Medical Practices
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Medical Family Medicine


Peninsula Radiological Associates
Medical Doctor
2003 - Present