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Mercy Uwakwe
Mercy Uwakwe Chairperson at Bende Congress Media

Mercy Uwakwe is a highly accomplished professional, currently serving as Chairperson at Bende Congress Media, a position she has held since April 2020. Located in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, she has built a strong professional network with over 190 LinkedIn connections. Simultaneously, Mercy is an Honorable Representative at Bende Healthcare Alliance & Bende Congress, and is the CEO and Founder of Easy Worship.

Mercy also carries her passion for leadership into the healthcare sector. Since March 2017, she has served as a Medical Doctor at Passion Care Hospital. Her entrepreneurial skills have lead her to forge a successful career as Chairman of the Board at Mercy Wave Group of Companies, a position she has held since June 2013.

In addition to her vast experience, Mercy attended the University of Texas from 2008 to 2012. She is skilled in strategic partnerships and showcases a strong dedication across all her professional endeavors, setting her apart as a formidable leader in her field.

More about this expert

Full name
Mercy Uwakwe
Atlanta Metropolitan Area
Bende Congress Media (since 2020)
LinkedIn Connections
Strategic Partnerships


University of Texas
Attended in 2008 - 2012
The Johns Hopkins University


Bende Congress Media
Apr 2020 - Present
Bende Healthcare Alliance & Bende Congress
Honorable Representative
Apr 2020 - Present
Easy worship
CEO & Founder
2019 - Present
Passion Care Hospital
Medical Doctor
Mar 2017 - Present
Mercy Wave Group of Companies
Jun 2013 - Present · 10 yrs 5 mos
Chairman Of The Board
Jun 2013 - Present
Mercy Wave Group of Companies
Jun 2013 - Present · 10 yrs 5 mos
Chair Of The Board Of Directors
2013 - Present