Mogen Frenkel
Mogen Frenkel Resident Physician at Medical College of Wisconsin

Mogen Frenkel is a dedicated medical professional currently serving as a Resident Physician at the Medical College of Wisconsin, a position held since July 2021. Frenkel has a strong educational background with a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Marquette University. Frenkel's experience spans various roles in healthcare and academia, offering diverse expertise and insight. They have served as a consultant at Lean On Admit, assisting pre-medical students in editing application essays and interview preparation.

Before becoming a resident physician, Frenkel was a tutor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where they hosted review sessions and assisted medical students in understanding class concepts. At Marquette University, they were involved in various roles, including teaching assistant for Anatomy courses, undergraduate researcher, and summer research student. As a researcher, they were instrumental in studying how the brain alters hunger, food intake, and subsequently body weight - an important initiative aimed at understanding obesity, eating disorders, metabolic disorders, and depression better. Fluent in Spanish and proficient in Microsoft Word, Frenkel demonstrates a broad skill set suitable for a challenging and dynamic medical environment.

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Full name
Mogen Frenkel
Greater Milwaukee
Resident Physician
Medical College of Wisconsin (since 2021)
Higher Education
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Microsoft Word Spanish-speaking


Medical College of Wisconsin
Doctor of Medicine - MD
Attended in 2017 - 2021
Field of study: Medicine
Marquette University
Bachelor of Science (BS)
Attended in 2013 - 2017
Field of study: Biomedical Sciences


Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Resident Physician
Jul 2021 - Present

Categorical Anesthesiology Resident Physician
Medical College of Wisconsin
Greater Milwaukee Area
May 2018 - Jul 2021

- Tutor medical students one-on-one to help explain class concepts and their application
- Host weekly pharmacology, cardiology physiology and pathophysiology review sessions
- Host small group USMLE Step 1 Review Sessions
Lean On Admit
Jan 2018 - Present

Assisted pre-medical students in editing medical-school application essays and ran practices for both Multiple-Mini and Traditional Medical School Interviews.
Marquette University
Greater Milwaukee Area
Human Anatomy Teaching Assistant
Jun 2015 - May 2017

Teaching assistant for Clinical Human Anatomy, various Gross Anatomy courses, and for the Health Careers Opportunity Pre-Professional students.
Marquette University
Greater Milwaukee Area
Undergraduate Researcher
Sep 2013 - May 2017

Currently, the lab I work in examines how the brain alters hunger, food intake, and subsequently body weight. The results of our studies will provide a broader picture of how organisms regulate and maintain their energy balance and respond to the external environment. In addition, they will add to the basic foundation towards understanding health problems such as obesity, eating disorders, metabolic disorders, and depression and contribute to the development of more effective therapeutic strategies.
Marquette University
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Summer Research Student
May 2014 - Aug 2014

Participant in the Marquette University: College of Health Sciences, Summer Research Project. The focus of the study was exploring animal models which differentiate homeostatic from non-homeostatic eating.