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Nika Harutyunyan
Nika Harutyunyan Medical Doctor at UCLA Health

Dr. Nika Harutyunyan is a medical professional practicing in the healthcare industry. She is currently affiliated with UCLA Health in Burbank, California. She started her role as a Medical Doctor in this highly regarded institution in June 2017, indicating a solid tenure in practicing her profession. Before becoming a licensed physician, Dr. Harutyunyan obtained her medical degree from the University of North Carolina. Furthermore, she displayed her impressive educational background as a proud alumna of UCLA where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Microbiology and Immunology.

In the clinical setting, she carries a remarkable expertise in healthcare and medicine based on her gained skills in the field. A notable part of her impressive portfolio includes her involvement in critical areas of study such as cancer research and chronic disease management. Moreover, she takes a special interest in Quality Improvement, emphasizing her commitment to providing exceptional patient care. Despite a moderate connection count on LinkedIn, Dr. Harutyunyan appears to have a formidable professional presence in the field of healthcare based on her accomplishments and skill set.

Further into her professional journey, Dr. Harutyunyan exhibits a strong connection to her roots as she practiced her profession in the same institution where she took her undergraduate degree. Her commitment to UCLA Health not only denotes loyalty but also her dedication to contribute positively to her alma mater. Overall, Dr. Nika Harutyunyan is a distinguished medical professional with a solid foundation in education, comprehensive knowledge in her respective field of study, proven skills in practicing medicine, and a commendable professional loyalty to her institution.

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Full name
Nika Harutyunyan
Burbank, California, United States
Medical Doctor
UCLA Health (since 2017)
Hospitals and Health Care
LinkedIn Connections
Dr. Nika Harutyunyan obtained her medical degree from the University of North Carolina. She is a Bruin at heart, having gone to UCLA for her undergraduate degree. She has done work in cancer research as well as chronic disease management. She has a special focus in Quality Improvement.
Healthcare Medicine


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine - MD
Attended in 2013 - 2017
Field of study: Medicine
Bachelor's degree
Attended in 2009 - 2013
Field of study: Microbiology and Immunology


UCLA Health
Medical Doctor
Jun 2017 - Present