Ololade Okubena
Ololade Okubena Chief Executive Officer at Blazing Ideas ltd

Ololade Okubena is a seasoned Medical Director and Doctor with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. They draw upon this professional background in their current role as the Chief Executive Officer for Blazing Ideas Ltd, a position they have held since 2005. Okubena has a proven history of managing projects at both small and large scales, implementing health programs, and providing clinical services. Their expertise extends to writing and publishing, underlined by their successful authorship of a series of much-acclaimed books on Nigerian Indigenous languages.

Okubena's career history also includes tenure at Chevron, as a Project Lead for their HIV/AIDS Programme Handbook. Prior to this, they served as a Reporter for USAID where they presented critical reports on the organization's activities at international conferences. They have also worked as a Medical Doctor at Jobelyn Inc. where they conducted significant clinical research and operated a clinic. Moreover, Okubena held the position of Scientific Program Coordinator/ Manager at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA). They attended University College Hospital where they earned MBBS and also obtained a Diploma in Mental Health from ASEAN Online Education AOE, affirming their extensive academic qualifications.

As a professional, Okubena is praised for their strong communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. Their adaptability and resourceful nature equip them to handle project operations effectively and deliver anticipated outcomes. Throughout their career, they have worked extensively with organizations such as USAID, ICASA, and Chevron Oil/Gas, bringing significant value to their programs and initiatives.

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Full name
Ololade Okubena
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Chief Executive Officer
Blazing Ideas ltd (since 2005)
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WHO I AM . Im an innovative Medical Director & Doctor with 20+ years of practical experience. I have a track record of managing multiple and concurrent, small- and large-scale projects, patients, and clinic responsibilities. Im committed to the betterment of communities using my expertise to develop, implement, and manage health programs. I also have a love for writing and preserving the Nigerian Indigenous language so much so that I wrote a series of books that has gotten 5-star Amazon reviews. THE VALUE I BRING Held project supervisor & coordinator roles with USAID, ICASA, and Chevron Oil/Gas. Developed, monitored, and evaluated Chevron Oil/Gas HIV/AIDs employee program. A comprehensive background in publishing, writing, tropical medicine and public health, complementary medicine, and nutraceutical drug development. Resource to peers and management: Provide input, share knowledge, expertise, and experience. Exceptional communicator consistently demonstrating active listening and creative problem-solving skills resulting in win-win outcomes for all stakeholders. MY KEY COMPETENCIES Collaboration Decision Making & Judgment Influence Communication Leadership Problem Solving Patient Health Critical Thinking Adaptable Resourceful Medical Research A SNAPSHOT OF MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS Recipient of a Six-year Nigeria Federal Government scholarship award for outstanding academic performance First to develop a program and curriculum to preserve the Nigerian Indigenous Languages using a series of 11 books. Success yielded newspaper and television interviews along with 5-star reviews on Amazon. Led major projects with 14th International Conference on Aids and STIS in Africa, UNAIDS, and Chevron. Selected by UNAIDS to create a report on the organizations financial and non-financial support to the efforts. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can become a key contributor to your organization. Please contact me at: 818-274-8134 [email protected].
Teaching Dialects


University College Hospital
Field of study: University College Hospital
Asean Online Education AOE
Diploma in Mental Health
Attended in 2021
Field of study: Mental Health


Blazing Ideas ltd
Lagos, Nigeria
Chief Executive Officer
Jan 2005 - Present

African Languages- Conservation, and Propagation .
Blazing Ideas ltd
Lagos, Nigeria
2012 - 2016

I authored and published six bilingual folktale stories in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa with an Audio-CD format. I independently published 11 bilingual books contributing to the library of indigenous African languages for children and adults. Books can be found on Amazon.com.

I also....

✓ Was commissioned by Nigeria to develop educational tools as part of the curriculum for primary school children in Oyo and Osun State Nigeria.
✓ Developed a talking pen that could read the book aloud so children could hear the different dialects.
✓ Was interviewed for newspapers and television on the book, it’s origin, and success in self-publishing.
✓ Visited with to governors in different states to discuss the book.

Jobelyn Inc.
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Medical Doctor
Feb 1995 - Present

This is a family owned company manufacturing one of the most important dietary antioxidant supplements in Africa. Health Forever Products LTD., Nigeria is the parent company.

In this role, I.....

✓ Operate a clinic and conduct clinical research & development.
✓ Research benefits public health for traditional/complementary medicine in collaboration with national and international organizations (i.e. teaching hospitals in major Nigerian universities etc.).
✓ Major achievement: Discovered and developed jobelyn an antioxidant that stimulates healthy t-cell production to fight off infection.
Project Lead

I was the project Lead for HIV/AIDs Programme Handbook. I developed a monitoring and evaluation framework for employees living with HIV/AIDs. The goals and objectives included: improve quality of life of employees living with HIV/AIDS, reduce the number and percentage of workplace employees that are HIV infected, and decrease mortality among employees living with HIV/AIDS.

In this role, I....

✓ Reduced the number and percentage of HIV infected employees absent from work as a result of HIV illness
✓ Provided quality home-based care and support to 1000 employees by January 2010
• Increased the number of employees receiving ARV (Anti-Retroviral Drugs) drugs by 25% by June2007
✓ Ensured at least 50% of employees use condoms consistently by July 2008
✓ Ensured that at least 25% of orphans and vulnerable children have access to basic education by December 2005
✓Provided voluntary counseling and testing services to at least 50% of factory employees by June 2006

2006 - 2007

In this role, I compiled and presented reports on organizations activities at the 14th international conference on AIDS and STIS in Africa. I also monitored and evaluated the impact of UNAIDS on the HIV/AID’s program of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Nigeria.

I was....

✓ Selected to develop a report on how the organization impacted the effort from the 14th International Conference on Aids and STIS in Africa.
✓ Completed report outlined the impact of the organizations financial and drugs donation and supply of trial patients
International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA)
Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Scientific Program Coordinator/Manager

I led and supervised conference activities and program officers including Scientific program managers, Community Outreach Manager, Policy, Planning & Strategic Communications Manager, HIV Funding & Budget Manager, Media & Communications Manager, and Human Resources Manager. I also selected presenters in alignment with overall mission of the conference

In this role, I.....

✓ Coordinated various conference sub-programs including the youth, community abstract and non-abstract scientific driven programs.
✓ Maintained and updated the outline of the conference program in conjunction with sub-committees.
✓ Oversaw all aspects of the conference: vendors, donors including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others across the world.
✓ Brought national organizations to contribute money and resources to fight Malaria, HIV/AIDs, and Tropical diseases.