Pat Cuntrera
Pat Cuntrera Naturopathic Medical Doctor at North Jersey Naturopathic Associates

Pat Cuntrera is a seasoned professional in the field of naturopathic medicine with over a decade of practical experience. They are currently serving as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor at North Jersey Naturopathic Associates, a role they have filled capably since 2010. Their expertise extends to herbal medicine and alternative medicine, indicating a diverse capacity to serve patients seeking non-traditional or supplementary treatments. With more than 1500 professional connections on LinkedIn, Dr. Cuntrera boasts a significant professional network within the medical community.

Located in Little Falls, New Jersey, Dr. Cuntrera has made considerable strides in promoting and practicing naturopathic medicine over the years. Notably, they served in a similar capacity at North Jersey Naturopathic Associates from January 2010 to December 2011, further testament to their long-standing commitment and service in the field. Their academic background includes an education from Kingdom College of Natural Health, further enhancing their capabilities and knowledge in their field. Dr. Cuntrera's in-depth industry experience and academic achievement underscore their proven track record in naturopathic medicine.

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Full name
Pat Cuntrera
Little Falls, New Jersey, United States
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
North Jersey Naturopathic Associates (since 2010)
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Herbal Medicine Alternative Medicine


Kingdom College of Natural Health


North Jersey Naturopathic Associates
Jan 2010 - Present · 13 yrs 10 mos
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Jan 2010 - Present
North Jersey Naturopathic Associates
North Jersey Naturopathic Associates
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Jan 2010 - Dec 2011