Rachna Patel
Rachna Patel Medical Review Officer at Self Employed

Rachna Patel is a pioneering Medical Review Officer specializing in Cannabinoid Medicine. They have been treating patients with Cannabidiol (CBD) and medical marijuana since 2012 and currently utilize their expertise in consultation services for venture capital, private equity, and multinational corporations. In addition to being an expert witness in cannabinoid related legal cases, Patel is also dedicated to the education of both medical and non-medical audiences on the medical applications of cannabinoids.

Since 2014, Patel has operated their own practice through their eponymous website, DrRachnaPatel.com. They offer consultations on the use of hemp and marijuana-based products for specific medical conditions, and have provided these services online since 2018. Apart from this, they also work as a Corporate Consultant for entities interested in the hemp and marijuana industries and have provided expert testimony in legal cases related to cannabinoids. Patel's commitment to spreading knowledge about cannabinoids extends to their work as a Medical Reviewer for Insider, Inc. and as a YouTuber. Patel is also a published author, having sold over 30,000 copies of their book, "The CBD Oil Solution: Treat Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, and more without the High" under Penguin Random House.

Patel’s illustrious career has been marked by extensive connections, with a total of 3122 LinkedIn connections to date. Their skills include public speaking and YouTube content creation. Patel studied at Northwestern University and Touro University California - College of Medicine, further solidifying their expertise in their field.

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Full name
Rachna Patel
United States
Medical Review Officer
Self Employed (since 2022)
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I'm a rare breed of physicians to specialize in Cannabinoid Medicine (CBD/Marijuana/Cannabis). I've been treating patients with CBD products & medical marijuana since 2012. I've walked thousands of patients through how to effectively use CBD products and/or medical marijuana for their specific medical condition(s). Present day I serve as a consultant to various venture capital, private equity, multinational corporations, serve as an expert witness on cannabinoid related legal cases, and speak to both medical and non-medical audiences on cannabinoids. On a mission to impact lives beyond my lifetime, I dedicate my time to educating other medical professionals on the clinical applications and administration protocols of Cannabinoids, as well as keeping them abreast of the latest clinical research on cannabinoids.
Public Speaking YouTube


Northwestern University
Touro University California - College of Medicine


Self Employed
Medical Review Officer
Jan 2022 - Present
Dr. Rachna Patel: Medical Cannabis Expert
2014 - Present

Consult on how to use Cannabinoid (Hemp and Marijuana based) products for specific medical conditions
○ 2014 to 2018 - Brick and Mortar - Walnut Creek, CA
○ 2018 to PRESENT - Online
Dr. Rachna Patel: Medical Cannabis Expert
Corporate Consultant
Feb 2014 - Present

Consultant to venture capital, private equity, multinational corporations on cannabinoid (hemp and marijuana based) products and hemp and marijuana industry
Dr. Rachna Patel: Medical Cannabis Expert
Expert Witness
Feb 2014 - Present

Expert witness on cannabinoid-related legal cases
Penguin Random House
Book Author
2019 - Present

Sold over 30,000 copies of The CBD Oil Solution: Treat Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia and more without the High
Insider, Inc.
Medical Reviewer
2020 - Present

Review articles focused on CBD/Marijuana/Cannabis for medical accuracy.
2014 - Present