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Rishi Gupta
Rishi Gupta Medical Doctor at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Rishi Gupta is a proactive and dedicated medical doctor currently serving at Jackson Memorial Hospital located in the United States. Notably, their industry focus is on Hospitals and Health Care and they possess strong business acumen with a doctor's degree focused on Health/Health Care Administration/Management from Miami University. With their impressive background in medical practice, they have gained significant experience over the years in both academic and professional settings.

Prior to their current role at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dr. Gupta had the opportunity to work in Lenox Hill Hospital in the capacity of a Medical Doctor and Neurologist. This period helped them to consolidate their medical knowledge while offering diverse experience in healthcare delivery and patient management. Concurrent with their role as a Medical Doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, which started in May 2009, Dr. Gupta served as a Neurologist from March 2009 to January 2023. Apart from their notable medical skills, Dr. Gupta also demonstrates proficiency in Management Consulting, reinforcing their capabilities in the administration of healthcare services.

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Full name
Rishi Gupta
United States
Medical Doctor
Hospitals and Health Care
LinkedIn Connections
It was a great experiences all through the year's. both in college and in offices.
Management Consulting


Miami University
Doctor's Degree
Attended in May 2009
Field of study: Health/Health Care Administration/Management
Columbia University


Jackson Memorial Hospital
Medical Doctor

Skills: Management Consulting
Lenox Hill Hospital
United States
Medical Doctor
May 2009 - Present
Lenox Hill Hospital
United States
Mar 2009 - Jan 2023