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Ronald Berenson
Ronald Berenson President and CEO at KitoTech Medical, Inc. | microMend®

Ronald Berenson is a highly experienced professional with over 25 years in the biotech and medical device industry. Berenson, who has pivotal connections with over 4056 professionals on LinkedIn, is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies and successfully listed two on NASDAQ. Currently residing in Mercer Island, Washington, he serves as the President and CEO of KitoTech Medical, Inc, a company focused on innovating a wound closure product that is commercially appealing as opposed to conventional sutures and staples. Berenson, the co-inventor of core Microstaple technology, is also the force behind the commercialization of the company's first product, microMend wound closure device.

Apart from heading KitoTech Medical since 2013, he also serves as the President and CEO of AEQUUS BIOPHARMA INC – a position he took up in 2012. At AEQUUS, he utilized his extensive knowledge in biotech to serve as a consultant in a novel anti-inflammatory drug project at the University of Washington. Berenson also founded FE3 in 2009, operating as co-inventor of a transdermal iron delivery system for patients with iron deficiency. Educated at prestigious institutions like the Yale University School of Medicine and the Stanford University School of Medicine, Ronald boasts expertise in skills such as lifesciences and patents. He balances his corporate obligations with his role in ImmunoMod Consulting, a consulting service focused on hematology, oncology, and immunology, where he has served as President and CEO since 2006.

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Full name
Ronald Berenson
Mercer Island, Washington, United States
President and CEO
Medical Device
LinkedIn Connections
Serial entrepreneur with over 25 years in biotech and medical device industry. Founded several companies, including two that were NASDAQ-listed. Currently, President and CEO of KitoTech Medical, which has developed and is now commercializing a wound closure product, which is an attractive alternative to sutures and staples.
Lifesciences Patents


Yale University School of Medicine
Attended in 1974 - 1979
Field of study: Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
Attended in 1982 - 1984
Field of study: Medical Oncology Fellowship Program


KitoTech Medical, Inc. | microMend®
Greater Seattle Area
President and CEO
Jan 2013 - Present

Founder and President & CEO. Co-inventor of our core Microstaple technology and our first product, microMend wound closure device. Responsible for overall direction of company, including corporate strategy and execution, business development, and fundraising. Lead pre-clinical and clinical studies validating the product's efficacy in several clinical applications in closing variety of wounds, associated with lacerations, skin tears, port sites after laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, Caeserean sections, dermatologic surgery, arthroscopy, vascular surgery, and variety of plastic surgery procedures. Active participant in marketing and sales activities, including serving as clinical resource.
Seattle, Washington, United States
President and CEO
Nov 2012 - Present

Continue to serve as President and CEO. Currently serving in consulting role in work ongoing at University of Washington to test our novel anti-inflammatory drug for treating head and body trauma.
ImmunoMod Consulting
President and CEO
2006 - Present

Biotech consulting with focus in hematology, oncology and immunology
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Nov 2009 - Jun 2013

Co-founder of FE3 and co-inventor of core technology - transdermal delivery of iron to treat patients with iron deficiency. Technology is now in clinical development.
University of Washington
4311 N.E. 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA
Entrepreneur in residence
Feb 2011 - Feb 2012

Evaluate life science technologies for commercial potential and plan paths to funding, development and commercialization.