Sarah Rustad
Sarah Rustad Family Medicine Resident at Advocate Aurora Health

Sarah Rustad is a dedicated and skilled Medical Doctor currently working as a Family Medicine Resident for Advocate Aurora Health in the United States since 2021. Her professional journey in healthcare and hospitals commenced in 2015 with Wisconsin Department of Health Services and continued onto Wellpath, landing her in her current role at Advocate Aurora Health where she continues to hone her skills. Her tenure as a medical doctor has been enriched by her diverse experiences across different healthcare setups, including the Visiting Physicians Association.

Immersed in healthcare, Rustad’s interests center on the Medication Assisted Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, in addition to improving community health outcomes through education and robust interventions during incarceration. She's known for her adeptness at Primary Care and enthused by opportunities to usher healthcare improvements. Academically, her neuroscience knowledge base was established at the University of Minnesota from where she held a Bachelor of Science and further pursued her medical degree at Saba University School of Medicine. With a substantial network of over 100 professionals on LinkedIn, she is continually engaged in learning and contributing to the field.

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Full name
Sarah Rustad
United States
Family Medicine Resident
Advocate Aurora Health (since 2021)
Hospitals and Health Care
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Medical Doctor. Interests include Medication Assisted Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, and improving community health outcomes through education and interventions during incarceration.
Medication Assisted Treatment Primary Care


Saba University School of Medicine
University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Science - BS
Field of study: Neuroscience


Advocate Aurora Health
Family Medicine Resident
Jul 2021 - Present
Medical Doctor
Aug 2019 - Jun 2021
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Medical Doctor
Oct 2015 - Oct 2020
Visiting Physicians Association
Medical Doctor
Jan 2016 - Dec 2018