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Shumneva Shrestha
Shumneva Shrestha Medical Doctor at Tokha Chandeswori PHC

Shumneva Shrestha is a highly regarded professional currently working as a Medical Doctor at Tokha Chandeswori PHC located in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Shrestha has a wide network of 179 connections on LinkedIn. Alongside a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare field, it's clear that they are dedicated to their profession. Although individual educational details and tenure specifics at Tokha Chandeswori PHC aren't available, their current position as a Medical Doctor suggests they possess the necessary skills and medical competence required in the field. Prior to working in the United States, Shrestha appears to have a connection to Nepal, possibly regarding their education or early career, as suggested by reference to "Nepal Jobs." Further details would provide a more comprehensive understanding of this individual.

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Full name
Shumneva Shrestha
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Medical Doctor
Tokha Chandeswori PHC
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Medical Family Medicine


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Tokha Chandeswori PHC
Medical Doctor