Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anderson Emergency Medicine Physician at ApolloMD

Stephanie Anderson is a dedicated and highly skilled Emergency Medicine Physician currently practicing at ApolloMD, a position she has held since 2015. She amply demonstrates that she is much more than just an ordinary physician, with her impressive history of roles and dedication to continuous learning. She has a dual role in the US Army having formerly been a Food Service Specialist for seven years and is currently serving in the reserves as a Command Surgeon from 2012 till present. This experience has given her essential skills in time management, organization, personnel management and the ability to provide care in hostile environments. Furthermore, she pursues missionary medicine and geriatrics, displaying a passion for providing help regardless of circumstance.

Stephanie Anderson’s academic accomplishments further highlight her determination and commitment within the medical field. She pursued an Healthcare Executive MBA at Auburn University Harbert College of Business from 2014 to 2016, in order to understand the management side of healthcare. This provided her with the ability to bridge the gap between effective patient care and resource maximization. Stephanie is also experienced in working with teams, believing in their empowerment to achieve efficient workdays, loyalty to the cause, and effective communication. In addition to her work with ApolloMD, Stephanie is involved with West TN Healthcare as a Medical Doctor, a position she has maintained since 2011. Her professional skills include patient care and medicine. Her unique background and diverse expertise make her an asset in both medical and military health care environments.

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Stephanie Anderson
Jackson, Tennessee, United States
Emergency Medicine Physician
ApolloMD (since 2015)
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I am not just an ordinary physician. I served in the US Army for seven years as a food service specialist, learned particularly important skills such as time management, organizational skills, and personnel management to name a few. I left to pursue my dream of becoming a physician, with an emphasis in family and emergency medicine. Missionary medicine, geriatrics, and a broad scope spectrum drove my interest, I like being able to help anyone at anytime. I joined the US Army reserves during residency to broaden my scope of practice to include providing care in hostile environments, public emergencies, and continuous education in leadership, organizational culture, and maximizing team efforts and efficiency. As if I didn't have enough going on, I also pursued an Healthcare Executive MBA to further understand the management side of healthcare with hopes to understand how to bridge the gap of understanding effective patient care while maximizing resources and patient and family buy in to the care. Balancing life is also important to me, I believe empowering a team creates opportunity for efficient workdays, loyalty to the cause, and effective communication. I am also passionate about encouraging teams to go beyond themselves by considering resiliency skills, personal and professional development, and optimizing available resources.
Patient Care Medicine


Auburn University Harbert College of Business
Attended in 2014 - 2016
Ross University School of Medicine
Attended in Jan 2007 - Nov 2010


Emergency Medicine Physician
Sep 2015 - Present
US Army
Command Surgeon
Sep 2012 - Present
West TN Healthcare
Medical Doctor
Sep 2011 - Present