Vicki Hudson
Vicki Hudson Medical Doctor at RealWeigh

Vicki Hudson is a highly skilled and experienced physician who is currently leading RealWeigh Medical Weight Loss in Chevy Chase, Maryland. With over three decades of clinical care under her belt, she has successfully treated thousands of patients struggling with obesity, metabolic imbalances, and related overweight disorders. Hudson implements a unique approach targeting the root causes of weight gain, resulting in safe, quick, and enduring weight loss for her patients.

Dr. Hudson graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine degree and has received training from the reputed institutions of Sinai Hospital and Kaiser Permanente. Prior to her role at RealWeigh, she served as a physician at Kaiser Permanente in Savannah, Georgia, where she provided immediate care. She carries valuable skills in research and family medicine. Besides her professional commitment, she maintains an active presence on LinkedIn with over 135 connections. As an expert in the wellness and fitness services industry, Dr. Hudson is undoubtedly an essential asset in her field.

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Full name
Vicki Hudson
Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States
Medical Doctor
RealWeigh (since 2020)
Wellness and Fitness Services
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As the lead physician for RealWeigh Medical Weight Loss in Chevy Chase, Maryland, I specialize in the treatment of obesity, metabolic imbalances, and related overweight disorders. I have successfully helped thousands of patients lose weight during three decades of clinical care. With training from Georgetown University, Sinai Hospital and Kaiser Permanente, my approach focuses on treating the underlying causes of weight gain that result in safe, rapid and lasting weight loss.
Research Family Medicine


Georgetown University School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine - MD
Attended in 1984 - 1988
Field of study: Medicine


Medical Doctor
Jun 2020 - Present
Kaiser Permanente
Savannah, Georgia, United States
Dec 1994 - Apr 1995

Immediate Care