Wafaa Khogali
Wafaa Khogali Medical Doctor at Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia

Wafaa Khogali is a Medical Doctor at the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia. Despite residing in Aurora, Colorado, United States, Dr. Khogali is heavily involved in the Government Administration industry overseas in Saudi Arabia. Their career at the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia focuses on using their medical expertise to benefit government administration, with the specifics of their role not being disclosed.

Dr. Khogali boasts a strong professional network as indicated by their 253 LinkedIn connections. This suggests that they are a well-connected professional within the medical and government administration circles, capable of leveraging relationships for the betterment of healthcare policies. Their commitment to their work in Saudi Arabia, despite their location in the United States, shows a great deal of dedication to healthcare and the international reach of their influence.

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Wafaa Khogali
Aurora, Colorado, United States
Medical Doctor
Government Administration
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Medical Family Medicine


Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia
Medical Doctor