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Yamini Kahlon
Yamini Kahlon Medical Doctor at Other

Dr. Yamini Kahlon is a dedicated Medical Doctor based in the United States. She began her journey in the medical profession in 2021, demonstrating an impressive start to her career. With a burgeoning network of 1136, her expertise in the line of healthcare is backed by her extensively growing connections on LinkedIn. She continues to show determination in her current professional pursuit at an undisclosed company, having established her role as a medical doctor here since January 2021.

Her professional prowess is underscored by her skillset in Medicine and Urgent Care. Throughout her medical career, Dr. Kahlon has continuously honed her skills, sharpening her expertise in these areas. Her commitment to her profession speaks volumes about her dedication to patient care and health. Overall, Dr. Kahlon represents a driven, skilled, and devoted professional in the field of healthcare.

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Full name
Yamini Kahlon
United States
Medical Doctor
Other (since 2021)
LinkedIn Connections
Medicine Urgent Care


Medical Doctor
Jan 2021 - Present