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Yusra Khan
Yusra Khan Medical Doctor at CHOC Children's

Yusra Khan is a proficient and dynamic medical professional in the United States with specialized experience in the Healthcare and Hospital industry. Holding the vital position of a Medical Doctor at CHOC Children's since 2022, Khan has demonstrated skills in providing high-quality care to patients. This role followed a notable position as a Pediatrician at St. Joseph Health, California, indicating a specialization and focused interest in children's healthcare.

Khan is a well-connected professional, boasting a network of over 419 connections on LinkedIn, signifying their active engagement within the industry. They exhibit substantial competencies in the utilisation of Healthcare Information Technology and Electronic Medical Records (EMR), that are pivotal to the practical management of patient data and healthcare delivery- an aspect integral to the modern health space.

Regarding her educational background, Khan has been associated with reputed institutions such as Ross University School of Medicine and McMaster University. The details of her studies and the exact duration of her engagement at these universities is unclear. However, taking her professional accomplishments into account, it indicates a strong foundation in Medicine. They bring a blend of well-honed skills, broad network, and a clear commitment to the field, marking Khan as an effective and commendable healthcare professional.

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Full name
Yusra Khan
United States
Medical Doctor
CHOC Children\'s (since 2022)
Hospitals and Health Care
LinkedIn Connections
Healthcare Information Technology EMR


Ross University School of Medicine
McMaster University


CHOC Children's
Medical Doctor
2022 - Present
St. Joseph Health
California, United States
Jan 2021 - Present