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Eric D
Eric Tait M D President at Vernonville Asset Management LLC

Eric D. is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in investment management, business development, practice improvement, contracting, and valuation. He is currently based in Houston, Texas, United States and is the President of Vernonville Asset Management LLC, a position he has held since October 2007. His firm is a boutique private investment entity that focuses on creating income-producing assets for institutions and high-net-worth individuals and their families. They aim to generate cash returns for their clients by investing in companies with a proven track record of profitability and experienced management.

In addition to his work at Vernonville, Eric D. also holds concurrent positions as Co-Founder at The Urban Capital Network and The Maroon Alliance. Through the Urban Capital Network, Eric and his team work to provide a broader pool of investors access to exclusive investment opportunities. In The Maroon Alliance, they focus on investing in dynamic entrepreneurs, strong management teams, and innovative businesses. Furthermore, Eric is also the founder of The Physician's Road - Create your life in medicine on your terms, and has been a practicing physician at the Saint Joseph Medical Center since December 2014. He is a multitalented individual known for his skills in business development and leadership.

Eric D. holds an MBA in Healthcare Management and Entrepreneurship from Rice Business - Jones Graduate School of Business (2000-2002) and studied at the Baylor College of Medicine (1998-2003). He maintains a robust network of professional connections, evidenced by his 1,489 LinkedIn connections.

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Full name
Eric Tait M D
Houston, Texas, United States
Vernonville Asset Management LLC (since 2007)
LinkedIn Connections
Specialties: Investment Management, practice improvement, contracting, business development, valuation.
Business Development Leadership


Rice Business - Jones Graduate School of Business
Attended in 2000 - 2002
Field of study: Healthcare Mangement/Entrepreneurship
Baylor College of Medicine
Attended in 1998 - 2003


Vernonville Asset Management LLC
Houston, Texas Area
Oct 2007 - Present

Creating and Preserving Investor Wealth through Alternative Investments.

Vernonville Asset Management is a boutique private investment firm created to provide income producing assets for institutions and high net worth individuals and their families. Our focus is creating and maintaining investor wealth through alternative investment strategies. Cash returns are generated for our clients by investing in companies and development teams with a proven track record of profitable operations along with experienced management.
Urban Capital Network
Houston, Texas, United States
Mar 2019 - Present

Urban Capital Network (UCN) is a membership-based investment network focused on aggregating a broader range of investors and providing them with access to exclusive investment opportunities. UCN aims to radically level the playing field of the early-stage investment ecosystem. We democratize access for a broader pool of investors and generate vital capital for underserved entrepreneurs.
The Maroon Alliance
Houston, Texas, United States
Co-Founder / Member
Jan 2019 - Present

We're a minority-owned -- Houston, Texas based investment group, established in 2019, investing in passionate entrepreneurs, strong management teams and innovative businesses. Maroon is hyper focused on and is capable of supporting the needs of lower middle market businesses in their growth phase and start-ups; including providing growth capital, technical expertise across a number of disciplines and strategic business plan execution support.
The Physician's Road - Create your life in medicine on your own terms
Houston, Texas Area
Mar 2018 - Present

The TPR platform is where you create your life in medicine on your own terms.

Through our 5 Paths to Happiness and Personal Fulfillment Model we provide guides, resources, tools, coaches, and events to help you construct the life you want.

The 5 Paths are your Wealth, Practice, Health, Relationships, and Personal Development and we use these paths as guide posts to order our lives.

Your Wealth – Are you optimizing your current monetary resources? Are they working for you to enhance the quality of your life today? Are your financial goals and plans being executed, or are you just someone else’s customer executing their plan with your wealth?

Your Practice – whether you are in clinical practice or in a non-clinical career, you are still a doctor and there are tools and services that are available to enhance your specific professional journey.

Your Health – How many of us have sacrificed our own personal, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in pursuit of being the “perfect” doctor? How many times have we put the needs of our patients and family ahead of our own?

Your Relationships – The good news, Physician’s divorce at a rate much lower than the population at large, the sad news, physicians have a much higher rate of suicide than the general population. So how do we create more fulfilling relationships that sustain and undergird us as grow?

Your Personal Development – Are you feeling restless or stagnant? Do you feel like you have more in you than just being a physician? Do you have gifts and talents that are being unexplored? Are you aligned in your passion and your purpose? What if you no longer want to practice clinical medicine?

TPR is here to help guide us through all these areas at our own pace. So, join us as we as journey down The Physician’s Road.

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Saint Joseph Medical Center
Houston, Texas Area
Dec 2014 - Present