Harvey Anderson
Harvey Anderson Strategic Advisor at HP

Harvey Anderson boasts an impressive professional portfolio, marked by a comprehensive mastery of legal expertise, particularly within the technology sector. Anderson's career is grounded in an extensive education that includes a JD from the University of San Francisco School of Law and a BS in Engineering from Marquette University. With nearly 2,500 LinkedIn connections, Anderson has established a robust professional network, underscoring a wide-reaching influence in the field.

Currently serving as a Strategic Advisor at HP in Palo Alto, California, Anderson cultivates high-level strategies that meld tech, law, business, and policy. Their tenure with HP has also included roles as Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, as well as General Counsel, where they led a global legal affairs organization managing commercial, corporate, litigation, and government relations teams. Before HP, Anderson excelled as the Chief Legal Officer at AVG Technologies, spearheading global legal, compliance, and privacy initiatives and as Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at Mozilla Corporation, handling corporate governance and various legal transactions.

Anderson's extensive experience is further highlighted by earlier positions, including SVP Corporate Affairs and General Counsel at Seven Networks, Inc., and COO at Flywheel Communications, Inc. This diverse background showcases Anderson's adeptness in leadership and corporate governance, rooted in skills such as intellectual property and privacy law. Each role Anderson has undertaken illustrates a continuous trajectory of leadership, adaptation, and success in navigating the intersections of multiple high-stakes environments.

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Full name
Harvey Anderson
San Francisco, California, United States
Strategic Advisor
Business Consulting and Services
LinkedIn Connections
Executive general counsel operating at the intersection of tech, law, business and policy in public and private company settings.
Intellectual Property Privacy Law


University of San Francisco School of Law
Attended in 1989 - 1992
Field of study: Law
Marquette University
Attended in 1980 - 1984
Field of study: Engineeering


Palo Alto, California, United States
Strategic Advisor
Aug 2022 - Present
Palo Alto, California, United States
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Jan 2021 - Sep 2022
Palo Alto, California
General Counsel
Nov 2019 - Sep 2022

Lead global legal affairs organization including commercial, corporate, litigation, ethics, IP, M&A, global trade, and government relations teams.
AVG Technologies
San Francisco Bay Area
Chief Legal Officer
Feb 2014 - Nov 2019

Lead all global legal and corporate governance matters including compliance, ethics, commercial transactions, litigation; responsible for accelerating partner and business transactions, IP and partnership innovation. Also responsible for AVG privacy/policy initiatives world-wide.
Mozilla Corporation
San Francisco Bay Area
Senior Vice President Business and Legal Affairs
2008 - Feb 2014

Business affairs, corporate governance, litigation, privacy, IP, employment, commercial and data transactions, business development, public policy
Seven Networks, Inc.
SVP Corporate Affairs and General Counsel
2003 - 2008
Flywheel Communications, Inc.
2000 - 2001