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Kara Hartl
Kara Hartl Founder & CEO at Troy Medical

Dr. Kara Hartl is a highly accomplished individual with notable contributions to the medical field, particularly within ophthalmology, telemedicine, technological innovation, and global health. Educated at esteemed institutions Harvard University and University of California-San Diego Medical School, she further honed her skills at the world-renowned Bascom Palmer Eye Institute before going on to establish several key establishments in medicine. As an entrepreneurial visionary, Dr. Hartl founded a multi-specialty medical center in an underserved Alaskan community, showcasing her passion for equitable healthcare access. This commitment is further demonstrated in her efforts to raise ophthalmic medicine standards in Alaska to levels unprecedented within the state.

Leveraging the power of technology, Dr. Hartl founded Troy Medical, a novel telehealth company that provides long-term specialty medical care to remote areas through an innovative hybrid model, thereby setting a new standard for telemedicine in rural America. In addition, she has also launched Virtual Optix, a company at the forefront of using extended reality technologies to solve critical medical problems. Her philanthropic endeavors include the co-founding of the international nonprofit 'Gift of Sight', committed to curing blindness worldwide. Dr. Hartl's expertise, innovation, and endeavors have clearly established her as a leading figure in expanding quality healthcare access through novel means.

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Kara Hartl
Austin, Texas, United States
Founder & CEO
Troy Medical (since 2021)
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Educated at Harvard University and University of California-San Diego Medical School, trained at the world-renowned Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Dr. Kara Hartl was well-equipped to create a world-class medical center in an underserved community and bring the best medicine in the world to the people of Alaska. Her entrepreneurial spirit grew a multi-specialty medical center from the ground up and has created the most technologically advanced medical and surgical center in the state, rivaling anywhere in the country. Dr. Hartl has developed high-level systems for virtually every aspect of her business, from designing an ophthalmic technician training program to defining the hospital protocols. She has raised the standards of ophthalmic medicine in Alaska to the highest levels in the country. But Dr. Kara Hartl certainly didnt stop there. She founded the international non-profit Gift of Sight that is dedicated to curing blindness across the globe. The Prevention of Global Blindness fellowship, which she co-founded, was created to empower recent graduates to join this international community. During the pandemic, Dr. Hartl recognized the power of telehealth and its ability to bring high-quality medical care to remote areas like never before. A silver lining of the COVID pandemic has been the widespread growth of telemedicine. After 14 years of living in rural Alaska, Dr. Hartl is extremely aware of the limitations geography can have on access to medical care. She has watched her patients suffer needlesslessly because of limited access to crucial medical care. Her own experiences with her patients inspired Dr. Hartl to start a novel telehealth company, Troy Medical, that offers long-term specialty medical care to remote areas via telehealth. By partnering with clinics on the ground, Troy Medical is providing exceptional medicine through a hybrid model using "on-the-ground" clinical infrastructure and specialty care via telehealth to areas with little or no access. Yet again, she is raising the bar of medicine and Troy Medical is creating the new gold standard for telemedicine in rural America. Most recently, Dr. Hartl moved to Austin, Texas to focus full-time on the exponential field of medical technology. She is passionate about harnessing technology to expand the reach of quality medical care. Virtual Optix is at the forefront of this movement, using extended reality technologies to solve real-world medical problems. We will launch our first product in 2023.
Ophthalmology Philanthropy


Harvard University
Bachelor's degree (AB)
Attended in 1994 - 1998
Field of study: Biology
UC San Diego School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Attended in 1999 - 2003
Field of study: Medicine


Troy Medical
Austin, Texas
Founder & CEO
Jan 2021 - Present

Troy Medical is a new generation Telehealth company. Born from the ashes of the COVID pandemic, telehealth has become widely accepted as a viable option by patients and physicians alike. Because of the expansion of telemedicine, we are now able to offer specialized medical care to areas where it was previously impossible to access. Troy Medical provides a medical clinic in the local community offering the necessary "on-the-ground" infrastructure in remote and underserved areas, with physicians living elsewhere providing long-term, high-quality subspecialty medical care that is not locally available. The highest quality of care can be offered to patients like never before. Troy Medical is setting the gold standard for the long-term use of telehealth.
Dr. Kara Hartl
Revolutionizing Access to Medical Care - International Speaker & Thought Leader
Jan 2021 - Present

The COVID-19 pandemic changed medicine forever. However, silver linings such as telehealth and novel technologies have emerged to expand the reach of medical care and reshape how medicine is practiced and delivered. Dr. Kara Hartl is at the forefront of medical technology and access to medical care through both Troy Medical and Virtual Optix:
Troy Medical: Providing life-saving long-term specialty medical care to remote and underserved America via a novel hybrid telehealth model.
Virtual Optix: Developing transformational software using extended reality platforms to solve real-world medical problems.
Mountain View Medical Center
Fairbanks, Alaska
Jan 2008 - Present

Multi-speciality medical center dedicated to the highest level of medical care.
Mountain View Eye Center
Fairbanks, Alaska
Founder & Physician
Jan 2008 - Present

Dr. Kara Hartl founded this multi-provider medical practice focusing on the medical and surgical treatment of ocular disease. After practicing in Fairbanks, Alaska for 15 years, she saw firsthand the impact of limited access to medical care. It was because of this experience that she was inspired to start Troy Medical. In December 2021, she successfully sold this company to Sight Partners and launched Troy Medical in Q2 2022.
Gift Of Sight
2014 - Present

Gift-of-Sight.org is an organization dedicated to treatment and prevention of global blindness. Visit www.gift-of-sight.org