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Kevin Mcgarvey
Kevin Mcgarvey Medical Director at Foundation Health

Kevin McGarvey is an accomplished emergency physician and entrepreneur boasting 24 years in healthcare startups and innovation. Currently based in Boulder, Colorado, he serves as the Medical Director of Foundation Health and is the Founder and CEO of Hippo Health. Kevin has a rich educational background, having attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and School of Medicine. He graduated with an MBA with focus on healthcare in 2004, underpinning his subsequent professional path.

In the early stages of his career, Kevin took up a role as a Board Certified Emergency Physician with the American College of Emergency Physicians - a position he still holds till this day. As a testament to his expertise in emergency care, he provided oversight for the NFL Monday Night Football ESPN production crew during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the years Kevin has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to innovation within healthcare. After his medical group was acquired, he embarked on the journey of building a telehealth platform to optimize patient/practitioner communication. This led Kevin to found Hippo Health, where he led through roles as CEO, CPO/President, and finally founder. Hippo Health is geared towards restoring the ‘health’ and ‘care’ in healthcare through a free team-based communication tool for consumers and traditional healthcare professionals.

Linking his experiences in healthcare with strong leadership qualities, Kevin is passionate about making much-needed changes in the healthcare industry. His combined professional engagements revolve around his mission to optimize people’s health and wellness for longevity and prosperity. He continuously seeks ways to enhance empathetic care interactions, creating care networks, and matching people for better care interactions. He is also credited with the introduction of new empathy meter technology using ChatGPT. This technology and the strategic insights gained from numerous engagements have allowed him to redefine healthcare communication pathways and integrate care at the national and local levels. Kevin's drive and innovative mindset have garnered him a brimming network of more than 20,000 connections on LinkedIn.

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Full name
Kevin Mcgarvey
Boulder, Colorado, United States
Medical Director
Foundation Health (since 2023)
Medical Practices
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Kevin is an emergency physician and entrepreneur with 24 years experience with healthcare startups & innovation. He aspires to change the modern-day U.S. healthcare experience. After having his medical group get acquired, he left hospital-based practice to build a telehealth platform that better connects care teams, family members, caregivers, peers and patients. His company that he co-founded with other physicians is on a mission to enable "Care Networks for All" for providers and "Care Communities for All" for patients. If you care about making healthcare a bit better, he hopes you will come join Hippo to help make that much needed change.
Healthcare Leadership


Indiana University - Kelley School of Business
Attended in 2002 - 2004
Field of study: Health Care
Indiana University School of Medicine
Attended in 1999 - 2004


Foundation Health
Boulder, Colorado, United States · On-site
Medical Director
Mar 2023 - Present

Integrated Direct Primary Care to evolve the primary care model to help optimize people's health and wellness for longevity and prosperity.
Hippo Health
Jan 2023 - Present · 10 mos
Founder and CEO
Jan 2023 - Present

Implementing Personal Care Networks, Preferred Care Networks and Functional Patient Portals for Practices & Care Professionals. We can now help get more Qualified, Efficient Referrals and Improve Communication Flows as well as Outcomes with a Light-Weight, Simple, HIPAA-Compliant Communication Tool that can Eliminate 3-5 disparate, costly tools at one practice while gaining new, happy patients to top practices in a community. With Personal Care Networks, we can also connect national organizations to enable national and local care to talk to each other. Building new empathy meter technology using ChatGPT with issued patent for optimizing empathetic care interactions, creating care networks and matching people for better care interactions.
Hippo Health
Boulder, Colorado, United States
Founder and CPO/President
Jun 2022 - Present

Building personal care networks for patients and providers for a Telehealth 2.0 experience.
Hippo Health
Boulder, CO
Founder and CEO
Feb 2019 - Jun 2022

Through mobile integrated healthcare, our company is committed to restoring the "health" and the "care" back into healthcare. After doing over 35,000 virtual visits and over 350,000 messages in 2020 on our platform and helping EMS reduce their turnaround times from 2 hours to ten minutes during the first wave of COVID, we are now working to redefine healthcare communication pathways. Through our EMS and ambulance-based telehealth platform, we are enabling comprehensive care in the home in a new way. We are now launching a number of consumer offerings to enable “Care Communities for All” with a free team based communication tool for consumers and traditional healthcare professionals.
American College of Emergency Physicians
Board Certified Emergency Physician
Jul 2007 - Present

InnovatED ACEP19 Best Digital Health Company Winner, Past President for Colorado ACEP, Board of Directors, Freestanding ED Task Force Chair that helped develop State Bill for Freestanding Emergency Department Reform, National Telemedicine Section Member and Councilor for Colorado
NFL Monday Night Football Emergency Physician
Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

Provided oversight and care for NFL MNF ESPN production crew during COVID pandemic to mitigate risk of a COVID outbreak and provide screening testing to all crew members.
Boomtown Accelerators
Boulder, CO, United States
Health Tech Cohort Member
Feb 2019 - May 2019

Startup Company Member in COPIC Health Tech Accelerator. After talking with over a hundred industry leaders, we gained immense insights and new startup skill sets that accelerated our company, Hippo Health, to develop a new product category, new intellectual property, and strategic insights for Empathy-as-a-Service in healthcare.