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Pediatrics content reviewer and editor (MD-PhD level)

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As a dedicated pediatrician, I not only provide patient care but also lend my expertise to companies and individuals seeking accurate medical content. With a meticulous approach, I review content to ensure precision and reliability.

Drawing from my extensive experience in pediatric medicine, I possess a keen eye for detail when it comes to content review. By staying updated with the latest research and best practices through ongoing professional development, I can identify potential inaccuracies and ensure that medical information is presented clearly and based on solid evidence.

I take pride in my role of maintaining the highest standards in medical content. By leveraging my expertise as a pediatrician and my passion for precision, I am able to contribute as a valuable resource for companies and individuals who seek reliable and accurate medical content review.

  • Columbia University in the City of New York

    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  • English

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