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Dr. Sarmiento is a physician and entrepreneur passionate about finding solutions to challenging problems in health care and beyond. For the past five years, he has been combining his background in medicine, his business vision, and his problem-solving skills as a strategy consultant through the company he founded, Juniper Life Sciences.


He is an effective science communicator. In 2016, he completed a fellowship in medical journalism at NBC News. Author of dozens of academic publications and book chapters, he has also written extensively on health and medical topics for a general audience.


Dr. Sarmiento completed his internship in general surgery at Mayo Clinic, master's degrees in public health and business at Johns Hopkins University, and a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical outcomes research at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Outside of medicine and consulting, Dr. Sarmiento is passionate about languages. He considers himself a polyglot, epistemophiliac, and fitness enthusiast. He speaks six languages fluently and is an advocate for a more holistic approach to health. 

What are your areas of expertise?

I'm uniquely qualified to address the needs of clients in the following areas: • Medical content consulting and writing • Strategy consulting for life sciences companies • Science communication • All aspects of clinical research • Health economics & outcomes research (HEOR) • Bioethics

What's your professional focus?

At present, our focus is on competitive intelligence for biotechnology companies, and strategy consulting that drives change for HealthTech companies.

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